Other Drills

To stop Hooking the Ball

A hook is when the golf ball starts to the right of the target and turns violently left through the air (opposite for a left-handed golfer).  A hook is caused when the golf club gets trapped behind the golfers body on the downswing, forcing the golfer to overuse their hands. Practicing using the set up shown below will help keep the club in front of the body on the downswing, to produce longer, straighter shots.
To Stop Hooking the Ball

Stop legs Sliding on the downswing

Using the set up below will help you to stop sliding the lower body and encourage a good turning action through the ball for better ball striking and more powerful shots.

Chipping drill

Using the drill below will help you to hit chip and pitch shots that are loaded with spin for greater control around the greens.

Hole more Putts

Using the drill below will help you to hole more putts from inside six feet, as it encourages a simple and consistent putting stroke. Simply follow the line and see the ball disappear into the hole.

Practice with Purpose equals Good Golf…”