About SliceStoppa

SliceStoppa® is the quick and easy way to improve your golf swing – enabling you to hit your golf ball further and straighter.

Ideal for left or right-handed golfers of any age or level of experience, SliceStoppa can be used on the driving range, at home or on the course, and works by helping you to naturally develop a straighter swing and a more accurate approach to the golf ball. Introducing SliceStoppa into your regular practice sessions will greatly reduce any slice, fade or hook – thereby increasing your golf experience and enjoyment of the sport.

SliceStoppa is incredibly light, compact and easy to assemble and can be stored in your golf bag with ease.  Made out of tough, impact-resistant plastic moulding, SliceStoppa is designed to withstand regular use and repeated dismantling – and comes complete with simple-to-follow assembly instructions.

Available to order online or through any good golf retailer.

Did you know that up to 85% of Golfers slice the ball?